Sunday, November 28, 2010

Boomer and Jack

Meet my nephews, Jack and Boomer.
Jack is a Puggle and is six years old. He loves to cuddle. (2nd picture)
Boomer is a Lab and Puggle mix and is a one year old puppy. He, too, loves to cuddle, but only after he licks your face 10 times. (1st picture)
Boomer likes to taunt his older brother, but once Jack growls, Boomer hides. Both are highly athletic dogs who play catch on a regular basis. Trying to capture them in a still shot took a lot of effort, but I thought these ones were simply adorable and captured their personalities.

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Anonymous said...

These boys look good in photos - I'm not a dog lover ~~ but their photographer has some good shoots of these boys! Joanna Lynn Photography - sounds official!! Grams B