Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reasons for Change

As you can see, I changed the look of my blog.

I decided to this out of conflict that I felt towards the previous one. You see, if you ask any blogger, the layout and background you choose for you blog takes thought and needs to reflect you as a person and what you are blogging about.

The passionate person that I am, I tend to spend sometimes hours thinking and searching for the perfect look of something. I chose the previous minimalist design because at the time, it spoke of who I wanted to be this year. I wanted to be more professional and focused.

But these past two weeks I have been reflecting a lot on my past four years of life and what is to come after the current year. Some of these reflections have been painful to realize, like the fact there there were things that I aspired to do, but because life happened I couldn't take part in them because I had to deal the reality of my life (which for those who really know me that means heartbreak and pain much of the time).

Not being stuck in the pain is key to my development as a person in these college years; I have worked hard to work through tough issues and grow as a person in all areas. I give God all the glory for the way he as healed me and given me a vision and passion for life!

Being artistic is a way that I have been able to express myself and relieve stress. The form of art changes from semester to semester, but none the less, I am a creative person who needs to be inspired and challenged. Thus brings me to why I changed my blog. To me the design is not just a template, but it is an essential creative space for me to not only share my life with those that love me, but to be inspired and encouraged.

The design may change a few more times throughout the year because the way I am feeling is going to change. Bare with me followers, and feel free to chime in when you like or dislike something (ex: its hard to read etc...)


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna: Lighten up the background some - it will represent the ONE PERSON who guides you everyday of your life.
T - True
H - Helpful
I - Inspiring
N - Necessary
K - Kind
Sent w/love
Grams B

Anonymous said...

You lightened the background on your blog.... I LIKE that Joanna !!
See ya tomorrow. Love you, Grams B