Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The title of this blog background is Elizabeth. This is a name that is near and dear to my heart, so I couldn't help but choose it. God has placed multiple amazing women in my life whose name is Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Jackson: My Great Grandmother, a woman whose life story is so full of worldly passion that she needs to have a book written after her. It is because of her I no longer bite my nails, a appreciate a good mani and pedi, I love big jewelry, I can handle a wheel chair like nobodies business, and I have a passion and strength for life even when it gets tough, I think too it is from her that i get my entrepreneurship and desire to be a business woman. Grams passed away in 2008, but I feel blessed to have shared many memories with her!

Michelle Elizabeth Penman (Dykstra): My sister, a woman who I love dearly. We have a similar voice, the same mannerisms, we look alike, we act alike, we both love pickle juice and a good pickled okra. She is a nurse, a wife and a mother and I love seeing her grow in faith and do an amazing job. It is from her that I have my love for doing others hair and she actually got me my first job at a hair salon. It was because of her I went to Trinity.I guess I never realized this before, but she laid out a good path for me to follow :) It is from her that I was challenged to be tough and not let others bother me. Thank you for always loving me!

Elizabeth Greenwald: The FRIEND, a woman who is what I think God meant when he said sisters in Christ. We have similar voice and unique vocabulary. We like the same clothes and accessories. So much that even though we live far away we end up with the same items. She was there for me when I felt hopeless and needed a friend. It is because of her I desire to get to know other woman of God, despite the many times I have been hurt. It is because of her that I love fashion. It is because of her I desire to laugh as much as possible. It is because of her example I feel equipped and desire to be an amazing wife and mother. Thank you for letting your light shine in my life!

Michelle Elizabeth DeHaan (Soon to be Warntjes): My friend, this is a woman who knows what it is like to walk through the valleys and allow God to bring her though it and be healed. It was through that journey we met and walked alongside of each other each week in counseling. She is a strong woman, who is passionate about justice, who is passionate about loving and being a great friend. It is because of her I did not have to feel alone many times at Trinity. Because God brought her and Jordan into Greg and I's life, we did not have to go through college being the only couple who started dating in High School. Because of her I have some amazing memories. Thank you for allowing me to listen to you and for always returning the favor! You are a blessing and I can't wait to dance the night away at your wedding!

Nora Elizabeth Penman: My niece, you are so beautiful! When I think about you I can't help but cry because you bring so much joy to my life and even though I don't get to see you all the time, I gaze at pictures of you and pray God's sweet blessing on your life. It is amazing to see characteristics of my sister in you. You are a constant reminder that God is a God of miracles and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I can't wait to be your creative long-distant auntie! Thank you Michelle and Jake for bringing her into our family!


Anonymous said...

Neat how you have all these Elizabeth's in your life....it's a very pretty name besides. You see so many of people's virtues and pick up on them and can write with interst about them. I see writing talent coming forth, and y how God fashioned all this into your life - inspirational gal you are Joanna!

Joanna said...

Thanks Grandma Biegel!

Michelle said...

love and miss you so much already!! ugh.... can't believe how much of a blessing you are in my life! God knew exactly what i needed and he brought you there in that time of need... can't wait to see you again in a month!! have the best time in Peoria this weekend :)