Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Weeks Menu

Now that I am a wife, I figured I should try and take good care of my husband, or as I call him, Husby :) Last week was an interesting one, I had no idea how much work another person adds to your home, but we are loving married life and it truly is wonderful to not have to drive home alone at the end of the night, no matter how much work it is.

I have always loved cooking and now that I have someone to cook for and all these new wonderful kitchen appliances I decided to go all out. So, not only will you get to see my pretty friends and family that I photograph, but the meals I cook and whether they were success and failures. Enjoy!

Last week's dinner menu was chicken cordon bleu, fish picatta, and chicken stir fry. For my recipes I always check Rachel Ray first and then go to google if she doesn't have it. The chicken cordon blue was probably the best meal I made and it is actually pretty simple. The fish picatta tasted great, but I cooked a whole box of noodles for two people(way too much! haha) and, in my opinion, the presentation of the meal could have been better. I tried new cooking technique for the green beans, I blanched them. The left over beans made a delightful snack for the next day, too! The chicken stir fry was good, but waaaay too salty and I totally forgot to cook the rice!

So, last week's dinner menu had its good and bad moments, but the husby ate every meal with a smile on his face, so I guess it wasn't that bad. Maybe I'm just too critical of my own cooking.