Saturday, March 5, 2011

Engagement Picture-1

I've been staring at Greg and I's engagement photos for a few weeks now and finally decided that I am ready to share them. I was so grateful to have good pictures of us taken. I am always the one behind the camera so most of our pictures are like the ones below taken in Nica. In addition to that, I never trust someone else to take my picture, so I guess that is my fault. Michelle Hamstra did an amazing job of capturing who Greg and I are as a couple; I am always blown away by her work. So, just to warn you, if you ever come over to my house these pictures will be plastered in every room :)
 I decided that instead of overwhelming you with them all at once, I would share one-a-day for the next week or so. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Neat photos !!! Can't wait to share them all. You both make me smile.......they're great photos, thanks for sharing! Grams

Anonymous said...

This one is so fun. I love it!! Thanks for sharing. Love you guys, Momma