Friday, March 11, 2011

And the Final Engagement Picture that I would like to share

What an interesting location, huh? As we were driving along I saw this wall of old rims and I fell in love with the repetition and lines it created. I also loved it because it brought me back to my childhood and the many days I spent in the garage watching my father fix cars. When we stopped and Michelle asked for permission to photograph on their property, the men working thought we were so strange. The whole time they just stared with confusion. Being a photographer, you get used to a lot of people looking at you strange; We just find beauty in unusual things. To say the least, the pictures at this location were some of my favorites. Thank you Michelle for giving us these priceless images. Your creativity and skill are admirable.

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Anonymous said...

You are both beautiful people and a great couple. May God Bless you as you plan and start this new life/home together. THanks for sharing your engagement/photos with me. I do need a photo for Grams tho.(smile)
I'd really like that. Gramma B