Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skinny Jeans

I have been eating a lot of Dove Dark Chocolate of late. Every time I open up one of those little candies I am greeted with an inspirational phrase. This is one of my favorites...

It brings me back to the third grade, when flare jeans and bell bottoms came back in style. At that time I had acquired a couple pairs of the newest bell bottoms, but I can still remember the day when I decided to wear a pair of my, at the time called, straight leg jeans to school. The whole day I regretted that decision. I felt so ugly and outdated cause nobody wore those anymore, what was I thinking!

It was that day I made a pact to myself; I would never again wear straight leg jeans. I laugh just thinking about how serious I was about that decision, but it was life changing at that time.

About two years ago they came back in-style with a new and improved name, Skinny Jeans. I broke the pact I made; I am the proud owner of my fair share of Skinnies. And, like Dove chocolate implies, I feel great in them.

This wrapper deserves to be preserved.

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