Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Days

May, June, July and then August, this summer is flying by. I have managed to keep busy and keep my life semi-exciting these past months. So here are some phrases to sum up what I have been up to...

Visiting Peoria. Bush Trimming. Organizing an Office. Delivering Wedding Cakes. Cleaning Houses. Watching Houses. Watching HGTV. Netflix. Taking the Amtrak to the Quad Cities. Gun Lake with Greg's family. Volley Ball Games. My 21st Birthday. Planning a Baby Shower. Riding my Bike. Mercy Hill Church. Refining what I let my eyes see.

Above are a few of my favorite pictures from all those happenings...

With August around the corner, I have begun preparing to move back into school on August 16th. I headed to Target this week for a few killer deals, including a new pillow for $3.79 and a mattress cushion for $8! In addition to furnishing my dorm room, as an RA, I am responsible for furnishing a giant hallway. I have my theme picked out: Battle Field of the Mind.

I will keep you updated as I decorate, I think you are going to like it!

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Anonymous said...

Summer is officially over and you are at school. It was definitely fun and hot. I enjoyed having you home and so did Sammy. I hope to see you soon. You sure know how to find stuff to keep you busy: )I love you, Momma