Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Longest Day of the Year

I often tell myself that I should never wear makeup to church, not because its wrong, but because it holds me back on Sunday morning. I always think that if I let the tears escape from my eyelids, then I am are going to have black smudges on my cheeks and bloodshot eyes during coffee time, and that is just not pretty.

But, it always seems to amaze me how captivated I am when singing Holy Holy Holy, Amazing Grace or any other song that talks about Jesus. Most songs I can't even get a whole verse out before I begin deep breathing and mentally singing just to keep the tears back.

It happened to me again this Sunday, out in Gun Lake, Michigan on the longest day of the year. Specifically during church, when we were all singing "Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me." I was just thinking about the character of Christ; his ability to love, but also his power, might and jealousy for us when we seek other things. I love it! I love every part of who Christ is!

I often think about challenging myself to keep the mascara off during church for one Sunday, to see where Christ leads my heart when I am not hindering the emotion.

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Anonymous said...

What cute little boys! Looks like fun. I don't wear mascara and always cry at church. I vote no mascara on Sunday mornings. Let the tears fall. Hold back nothing in your worship. Love, Mom