Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

Just thought I would share with you all this picture of Greg and I at our Senior year of High School Prom, almost 4 years ago! Can't believe I wore a white prom dress, sometimes I crack my self up.

Okay, so wow, I've already been engaged for three weeks!!!
The first week was celebratory, see everybody I knew and hug and kiss them.
The second week was my besties actual wedding week, her moment to shine, my moment to serve.
The third week, well, I've spent it sick as a dog, laying in bed. But, I managed to get up, shower, and curl my hair, I feel like a bride again :)

I feel kinda outta control, I feel as though I've planned my whole wedding already. But, I mean, I just can't resist, I am a planner and a wedding fanatic! I think it is so funny how my whole life I've planned secret weddings and the one I am currently planning looks nothing like I ever created before, but I absolutely love how it is all coming together!

As some of you may or may not know, with you can see the stats of how many times your blog gets visited, no worries I can't tell who sees it, just how many times daily it gets viewed. I have to admit, it makes my day when I see that people have visited and apparently a lot of people do read it! Something that many people do is keep a wedding website or blog. I've thought about it and wondered if people would enjoy reading/looking at it.

So, I have a request:

*If you do read THIS blog, would you comment to let me know if you would visit my wedding blog/site, too. You can just do it anonymously and tell me in the message its you. (Like Grams B does :) If enough of you want it, I will devote to doing it. I look forward to your comments :)


Greg said...

I love reading your posts, but I'll stick to reading this blog. And as for the picture, you crack me up too but that's why you are so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Gram B's idea is: - Your wedding day is JOANNA and GREG'S DAY. Keep it as your sacred ceremony for all to witness and enjoy! We want to respond as we witness this occasion ~~ not be informed attendees and relatives, putting some of our own feelings into what you are planning ahead of THE DAY. Your wedding is yours! That's off the top of my brain/w/o studying the idea ok? My prayers are already being sent as you plan YOUR special day. Sent with LOVE!

Joanna said...

Thanks Gram, I think that is some wise advice :)

LaurenD said...

I read your blog because I love it, I also like reading what grams b has to say. :) -Lauren ps I also remember going to see you guys take your prom pictures. Man that was 4.5 years ago. Wowsas,.

trevsmom said...


This is just all so exciting, I love hearing about your big day. I say do it for you and Greg if you want to, it would be a fun thing to look back on some day. It is all about you 2! :-)

Cousin Pam

Janice said...

I know that I went on your site a lot over Christmas break because I thought you'd post a picture of you and Greg at your friend's wedding. I was wondering what her dressing looked like, etc. As far as a new blog...that's totally up to you. Blogs sound like a lot of work to me, but it might be a nice place to get your thoughts out on everything that you're feeling. I'd read it if you have one :). AJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon- One part of me would like to know what you are planning and the other part of me likes the surprise. What ever you decide is up to you. Love, Mom