Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mahseh Center

The Mahseh Center is a Christian retreat house located in Kewanna, Indiana.(http://www.mahseh.org/) This past weekend the entire Resident Life staff at Trinity took two days to relax, laugh, and receive a couple teachings here. It was a beautiful weekend and it was a much needed weekend. To be able to reconnect with those friends to whom I only get to say hello to as we pass; to be able to share, cry, laugh and pray together was a true privilege. The lake the house is located on was frozen and allowed for some to walk across it while others of us remained inside playing games and spending time reflecting. This place was beautiful and so was my time. Below are pictures of the home and some of the most amazing people in the world. (And I just wanted to say that I finally got the courage to shoot in fully manual!)


Anonymous said...

Such a neat place ! How did you find it? Trinity BUs down there?
Good photos - so clear. Who's little boy is that? Grams B

Joanna said...

The baby is one of the RD's. He is so precious!