Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mementos For My Sister

At Mi
chelle's Baby Shower I asked our guests: What is something that your mother always did that you loved?

  • My mom always made me and my sister a new flannel night gown every Christmas
  • My mom used to wake me and my twin brother up every Saturday to Queen playing or some other awesome band and then she would make us heart shaped pancakes with tang.
  • My mom always danced with me in the kitchen and every day she told me I was beautiful.
  • My mom wrote encouraging/embarrassing love notes in my school lunch.
  • My mom would read me stories in funny character voices.
  • My mom would sing "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain every morning to wake me up for school.
  • My mom always made homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • My mom would take all us kids to the park on the river let us play all day, she would take a picnic basket and make it a party.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the photography and that was so nice that you included the one you liked about me. I still think you are beautiful and would love to dance with you in the kitchen. Love, Mom