Monday, August 16, 2010


A dorm room is a small confined space, in this specific case it has off-white cinder block walls, is stocked with light wooded furniture and has a large florescent light. There are hundreds of rooms just like this. It was designed to be a blank canvas and easily changed stylistically year after year.

Freshman year no one has a clue exactly what to bring, except for what Target advertises, so with much confidence in this store, people buy everything in the color or pattern that speaks their name. Sophomore and junior year the packing gets more efficient, you know what to expect and know better what you like and dislike.

Then, senior year comes.The once new dishes are stained with a yellow rim from all the Mac and Cheese and Ramen noodles. The sheets and pillowcases have lost heir new and fresh look. But, look at my dorm, it is tailor made for me. The things that are displayed have a meaning and a history or intended future.

Today I decorated my dorm for the last time. But, I realized this is the first time I feel like my dorm is just how I want it: not a lot of clutter, soft lighting, and nothing is going to fall of the walls if touched. It is crazy how metaphoric dorm rooms can be of life; I am still the same girl I was freshman year, but like my dorm, some things are just new and improved and the old things that are still around have a purpose.

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namasteawhile said...

Looks beautiful, like I hope your life does to you.