Monday, October 18, 2010

80 years and counting

Twenty-Two of us headed up to Geneva, Wisconsin to celebrate the life of Grandma Biegel this past weekend. It was there that we created beautiful memories; Gram said that it was one of her best birthdays! For a gift, each one of us wrote her a letter of appreciation and giving her praise for her impact. These were each put into a scrapbook for her to treasure, Greg has some creative cousins, that is for sure!

While we were there we took a walk through the town of Geneva. It is filled with fun shops and restaurants. One of Greg and I's favorite stores was I Love Funkys. It was filled with beautiful antiques and like the name implies many of which were quite unique.

Some of us girls decided to spend the night giving our faces a treat with the mud mask Aunt Janice had purchased in town. We played banana grams while laughing and chatting while our faces slowly stiffened. After words, we were all concerned because our faces were bright red, but fortunately, we woke up the next morning and  felt like our faces were radiant and clean.

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