Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Highlights from last month's menu

I've been really into trying new recipes. Many times I find that something is not quite right or that I forgot to make side dishes, haha thankfully Greg is patient with me. But, one meal that I have down pat is chicken tortilla soup. It has become one of my regular meals (Greg said it is one of his favorites ;). The Fish Tacos were gross, not sure what I did wrong there. The margherita pizza was pretty delicious, it is kind of hard to make tomaotes, fresh mozzarella and basil taste bad. If I were to do it again, I would use a different crust, it was a little thick for this type pizza. The steak quesadillas were okay, the steak was kind of chewey, but the suteed onions made up for it. I was thrilled to find this recipe for upsidedown chicken pot pie (it was on the back of the chicken flavor pasta side). It was so good, I am definitely going to make that again! The spicy bbq chicken turned out good in Greg's opinion (I didn't like it), I discovered that I am not a fan of Worcestershire sauce and probably won't use this recipe ever again.

So, we made it through August and September and we haven't gone hungry yet. Hopefully I keep improving my cooking skills and the enjoyment factor continues, too.


Anonymous said...

Worcestershire - a little goes a mighty long ways - to my taste. Soy sauce the I never order stir-fry to often in a rest. as the soy is predominant. I give you so much credit for cooking and creating - that's how you learn your likes and dislikes. photos sure look tempting. IS the Upside down Chicken like a casserole? Grams B

Joy Meyer said...

It all looks yummy! I'm sure it was fun to make these meals. Way to go!