Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I have learned about Love and Dating // Published in The Courier

o   When you are arguing, do not say NEVER and ALWAYS.
o   Figuring out how your loved one gives and receives love is essential.
o   You have to learn how to do something you don’t enjoy if it makes your loved one happy.
o   Take it slow!
o   Set clear boundaries; For example: If you don’t have it, don’t touch it.
o   Before you say I love you, make sure you want to marry them, and also, make sure you know and can act out what that phrase means.
o   Never ever talk bad about each other in public.
o   Always talk to each other before you talk to someone else about an issue or exciting news.
o   Praying together is an intimate thing, do not do it too early in your relationship.
o   Be on the same level theologically and spiritually.
o   Men, you should be leading spiritually.
o   Do not make-out in public and limit your PDA. It is fair to assume that what you are doing in public, you are taking it one or two steps further in private.
o   If you want Christ at the center of your relationship, he must first be at the center of your heart. If Christ is number one for both of you, than he will automatically be the center of your relationship.
o   Read books and seek advice from married couples.
o   Tell your loved one everyday how good looking they are.

And a few reminiscent pictures of the country(Nicaragua) and man (Greg) that I love!


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ashley.veurink said...

I love this article! Such wise words, and things I too have learned in my relationship with Eric. I'm so thankful we got to do Trollway to Love with you, and am very happy you and Greg were the winners. :) Love the pictures!

tccedprof said...

Your pictures made me smile. Strong, insightful words....
Love, Mom M

Anonymous said...

Such words of wisdom :) Good reminders for maintaining a godly relationship!